Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Third Day of the 2nd Week

It rains here on a regular basis. Every day in the evening. Coming from a part of the world were there isnt much rain to talk about this rain at first was a wonderful thing, now its getting a little bit much. I miss the sun shining and the heat its cold and wet here. My classes are going well I think but my moral is taking a beating without the sun. My instructor this week is very strong in his beliefs about the United States and the people who come here from there. He has some different thoughts about the american way of life and he gets these thoughts from what he hears and sees the people who vist from the United States. Some ideas are stereotypes like everyone in the States have money to waist and everyone has many things. I mentioned to him that thats not completely true and that I for one have little and dont have money to waist. I also mentioned that many people in the states dont, but like i said he has his beliefs and opinions. That being said he doesnt let it get in the way of him teaching. He is a good instructor but he is wrong about some of the things he interprets. I celebrated my birthday over here and my family here has gone out of there way to make my day special, they may not have alot of money but they know how to make someone feel loved. They remind me of my Wife and little girl back home. I miss you Mari and Delilah very much and the time here is nothing like the time with you. Im enjoying my time here but like they say ´´theres no place like home´´.

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