Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fin de semana

Its the weekend here like it is there ofcourse. At the parque central there are so many people and they are setting it up for a big political rally today along with a market selling anything from shoes to food. Anything you want can be found there and wow what a selection if you choose to visit you will have to hold back on buying the first item you like because there are similar items throughout and have many different desighns with prices varing too. For example you can purchase a bag that has everything you want but a few tiendas down the street is a bag that is excactly the same but costs much less, or you find a bag you think is nice and may have what you want and buy it only to find out latter when you walk a little further there is another bag that has more and looks even nicer or may have a differernt disighn and costs less. Look look look and if you have to go back to the begining to purchase what you want it will be worth it there are no standard prices in the streets and dont feel bad to hagle. Most of the time you cant go from 10 quetsales to 5 without much effort.

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