Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today I went to a volcano and a group of us climbed to the top where there is a lake that is very special to the Mayan people. The trip or walk to the top was so hard and about 3km straight up wow talk about a workout. If you want to get in shape climb this mountain a few times and youll be like a super hero. I am so tired but i cant fall asleep just yet I have to stay awake or I wont get a good night sleep. Tonight i will sleep like a baby. lol

Friday, June 24, 2011

Its the Weekend

Today was a good day because my instructor invited me to a Guatemalan party for one of the other maestros in the school. Rosario is turning 50 and not everyone gets invited that isnt a close friend or a relative. I feel prity special to be able to participate in her special event. Another good event that i will be attending tomarrow will be visiting a volcano that has a huge lake in the mouth of it, it is sleeping at the moment and i hope it stays that way lol. I will let you know how things go tomarrow or the next day because the computers work sometimes and other times not so much, and i will be pritty buisy. bye for now

Thursday, June 23, 2011

3rd week

Well nothing really has changed except my homework its getting a little more tough and they are giving me a little more each day. I am really learning alot and am excited to share what i have learned with my family at home. The time is getting closer for me to leave and its making me uneasy, im haveing a hard time sleeping just thinking about seeing my family and enjoying the simple things in life, that you dont get here.

Monday, June 20, 2011


The computers here at the school havent been working and i havent been able to write without paying at a local internet cafe, its not expesive but most of the time i dont have money on hand because i use my card for most of the puchases i make. Well besides all that the time is flying and one more week ill be home. I miss everyone at home but i will miss my family here too. Today is the first day of my Third week of studing spanish and today i will start learning past tense. The past tense is very important for talking because you use it more than you think, because i know english and the use of past tense in english i never really understood until now when i try to explain in spanish what i had done or what had happened before, im so glad to be learning the past tense in spanish. write again

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fin de semana

Its the weekend here like it is there ofcourse. At the parque central there are so many people and they are setting it up for a big political rally today along with a market selling anything from shoes to food. Anything you want can be found there and wow what a selection if you choose to visit you will have to hold back on buying the first item you like because there are similar items throughout and have many different desighns with prices varing too. For example you can purchase a bag that has everything you want but a few tiendas down the street is a bag that is excactly the same but costs much less, or you find a bag you think is nice and may have what you want and buy it only to find out latter when you walk a little further there is another bag that has more and looks even nicer or may have a differernt disighn and costs less. Look look look and if you have to go back to the begining to purchase what you want it will be worth it there are no standard prices in the streets and dont feel bad to hagle. Most of the time you cant go from 10 quetsales to 5 without much effort.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Day of the 2nd Week

Well the last day of the 2nd week has come and my time here is getting closer to the end. This week i learned alot about irregular verbs and more meanings. My vocabulary is growing althogh i need to study more to get them memerized. On the other hand i have been speaking more spanish than i have ever in the past and because of the instructors here it has come eaisier and without shame.
The weather has been good today and nice and shiny. I love the sun. Anyway ill write more agian later.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Third Day of the 2nd Week

It rains here on a regular basis. Every day in the evening. Coming from a part of the world were there isnt much rain to talk about this rain at first was a wonderful thing, now its getting a little bit much. I miss the sun shining and the heat its cold and wet here. My classes are going well I think but my moral is taking a beating without the sun. My instructor this week is very strong in his beliefs about the United States and the people who come here from there. He has some different thoughts about the american way of life and he gets these thoughts from what he hears and sees the people who vist from the United States. Some ideas are stereotypes like everyone in the States have money to waist and everyone has many things. I mentioned to him that thats not completely true and that I for one have little and dont have money to waist. I also mentioned that many people in the states dont, but like i said he has his beliefs and opinions. That being said he doesnt let it get in the way of him teaching. He is a good instructor but he is wrong about some of the things he interprets. I celebrated my birthday over here and my family here has gone out of there way to make my day special, they may not have alot of money but they know how to make someone feel loved. They remind me of my Wife and little girl back home. I miss you Mari and Delilah very much and the time here is nothing like the time with you. Im enjoying my time here but like they say ´´theres no place like home´´.

Monday, June 13, 2011


First Day of The Second Week

This morning it was very nice and there was so much sun you could have gotten a sunburn. That has all gone away now that it is evening. I walked through a rain storm to recharge my phone with min. and its a good thing that i have a poncho because it practically saved me from drowning. lol. I hope tomarrow the sun shines again and it probably will at least in the morning. LOL I also have a new instructor for the week and every week will be changing. My new instructor is very nice and his name is Mateo. well will see how this week goes. I have been fighting a little battle with homesickness but its seems to be getting better. Thats what happens. Ill keep you informed. bye for now.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The streets of Quetsaltenango right outside my front door.


Alot of time has passed so it seems. Its only friday of the first week that im here. I have three more weeks to go before Ill be going home. The levels of cultur shock have started and now im in the second stage but my family at home and the new family i have here are great and are helping me deal with the emotions of cultur shock. Besides that the time here is great when im not at home im in the streets checking out all the woulderfully colored buildings and the clothing the native people wear. The streets are similar to those in Mexico and other cities around the world im sure. Tomarrow my family here is taking me to the huge market and there i will shop for supplies to last the remainder of the time i have left here. They say the market is really big and everyone from the city who needs to sell there things or needs to buy things will be there. Im looking forward to it and Ill tell you all about it tomarrow.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today we had a trip to see the glass blowing place but like I did yesturday I forgot and decided to sleep in.
I got up late and then went around town by foot to check out the stores and to recharge my min. on my phone. Today is very cold but it should warm up a little during the mid=day and then it will be warm enough to just have only one jacket on. LOL!!

The Dog (Boy) La Nina (Miriam)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My yard here in Quetsaltenango(Xela)

Day number 3

Everything is going very well and the food is great. Today I had some fun with my family playing with the dog and having some good conversation. They have a little girl who is about 9 years old and we have made a connection. I am having one of the best times. The only thing keeping it from the absolute best is not having my family with me to enjoy this experience.

Monday, June 6, 2011

First Day of Class

The first day has been exciting. I have used more spanish than I thought I could, the instructors are very nice and help with almost everything a person could need. The markets are busy and the products are priced at incredibly low prices. I ate a huge breakfast this morning consiting of 4 eggs and beans, some water and coffee and then off to school.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yesterday I got to Guatemala City and stayed in a little hostel. The flight was great but long and the time went by so fast. Guatemala City is huge, I had no idea that it was so big. I got some sleep then took a taxi to the bus terminal to catch a bus to Quetsaltenango where the Spanish school is located. WOW the ride was long and the roads were very windy. Now im at the School and waiting for my family who I will be staying with to come and pick me up. Ill let you know what happens. Oh and ill upload some picks right away.