Friday, June 10, 2011


Alot of time has passed so it seems. Its only friday of the first week that im here. I have three more weeks to go before Ill be going home. The levels of cultur shock have started and now im in the second stage but my family at home and the new family i have here are great and are helping me deal with the emotions of cultur shock. Besides that the time here is great when im not at home im in the streets checking out all the woulderfully colored buildings and the clothing the native people wear. The streets are similar to those in Mexico and other cities around the world im sure. Tomarrow my family here is taking me to the huge market and there i will shop for supplies to last the remainder of the time i have left here. They say the market is really big and everyone from the city who needs to sell there things or needs to buy things will be there. Im looking forward to it and Ill tell you all about it tomarrow.

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