Friday, July 1, 2011

Coming Home!!!!!!!!

Its my last two days, one i will be here with my family for one more night and tomarrow i will take the bus at 3:30pm to Guatemala City where i first started my trip. There i will stay for one night and then on sunday i should be back in the states first hitting Huston and then on my way to El Paso where ill catch a ride with my wife and drive for about 45 min to Las Cruces. OH yea i cant wait one month living in a far away place is long and loneley, its a good thing the family that i stayed with was very kind and they are now officially my new family they told me themselves today. Im sad to be leaving my mama and my tio Edwardo. Im glad to be going home to my other family Marisol my wife and my little girl Delilah.

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